A Biography

Natalino Zanini, the heir of an eight-generation wrought-iron working family, was born in Cornuda on December 22nd, 1933. In 1945, at the early age of twelve, he began to work with his father Bernardo, getting into family art and secrets. At the same time he attended an evening artistic school and then the sculpture and drawing school. In 1963 his wife Anna began to share with him the joys and labours of wrought iron craft. His skill in villas restoration spread out his work tant northern towns, where his creative experience worked up wrought iron gates and balustrades for private housing. Between 1985 and 1989 Natalino became also the master to Alessandro e Willy, his sons, ready to join their father’s activity once completed their technical studies. Learning style and ancient art of this noble craft passes through a very hard teaching. A continuous research in perfection , a great talent with a bent for new techniques, and the aid of innovative tools led Master Natalino to work in all countries of the world. In the nineties he began his first works abroad, and in 1993 he was invited to japan, to deliver an imposing private-residence gate.He went abroad again in 1996 and 1998, on commitments by a Kyoto Museum. In the towns of Osaka and Tokyo he realized further important works. Other remarkably elaborate works have been commissioned for private housing in Saudi Arabia, New York, Los Angeles, Athens,London, Paris. He Joined the Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre entrance gate collective project with two of his works. He has been teacher at the Europen Cultural Heritage Centre in St.Servolo island, Venice.
His work stopped on November 9th,2004.